About Us

Hello and Welcome to Tuti.

Our brand 'Tuti' and its products, processes and website are owned and managed by The Creative Loft Design, Bangalore, India.
We have been associated with photography and the online fashion space for decades and we are thrilled to introduce our newest baby ‘Tuti’.
For us this is not only a labour of love but also a way to express ourselves in a different form. Working on Tuti has been a fascinating journey so far. We feel empowered to take on this endeavour with our learnings from years of experience and our current portfolio.
It is humbling to dedicate our time and resources to ‘Tuti’ where we work closely with artisans and craftsmen from different parts of India. We hope to bring you a wide range of products which are connected to our roots in the menswear space.
It will be our pleasure to bring ‘Tuti’ to your wardrobe!

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