Our Story

In Sufism, love is the central theme and the driving force of all actions. We are inspired by artisans across India who have been committed to their craft for generations and work endlessly towards refining and propagating it. Dedication, perseverance and a sense of contentment in what they do along with the ability to preserve their craft by passing on the baton to future generations is almost mystical—just like the ethos of Sufi culture. All of this in today's day and age—where there is immeasurable advancement in science and technology around the world—is fascinating for us.

Tuti is a small step towards helping artisans and craftsmen preserve what they have built over generations by curating and ethically sourcing fabric that showcases a vast array of weaves and crafts from across India.

Through Tuti we want our customers to embrace men's ethnic wear that goes beyond occasion wear, suitable for everyday dressing. We feel a sense of pride in making these products and want our customers to feel equally proud wearing them!

The word ‘Tuti’ means parrot. It comes from the name ‘Tuti-e-Hind’ (which means ‘Parrot of India’) the title bestowed upon Sufi saint Amir Khusro by Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya. A parrot symbolizes joy, creative expression, masculinity, a pop of colour, storytelling, and a depiction of what has already been said. To read more, head to our Instagram.